Substance abuse and other mental health disorders can impact anyone. However, when substance abuse and addiction make the news, it is often because a celebrity’s life has spiraled out of control due to addiction.

Celebrities are just as vulnerable to the dangers of substance abuse and psychological conditions as anyone else. Despite their wealth and prestige and often because of it, a one-time experiment can quickly descend into a self-destructive way of life.

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Unfortunately, news about such events tends to be sensationalized, judgmental and titillating, rather than being presented in a way that might help readers gain perspective on the issues in their own lives.

At Unity Behavioural Health, we’ve witnessed the effects of long-term drug and alcohol abuse first-hand, and they do not discriminate. Our Recovery in the News feature fosters transparency in the recovery community and creates a healthy dialogue between all of its members. Our goal is to provide readers with information and perspective about substance abuse and mental illness that gives them the understanding that they are not facing these issues alone.

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Unity offers the highest standard of treatment available in the country. We pride ourselves on our accredited, experienced staff, as well as our evidence based approach to treatment.
We will personalize each treatment plan to the unique needs of every individual who comes through our door, and promise to do everything we can help them achieve long term recovery.

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At Unity Behavioral Health, we employ evidence-based practices that have been proven scientifically to have a positive impact on recovery. We rely on a team of highly trained, multidisciplinary professionals to outline a step-by-step plan for our patients to achieve success during rehab. Our process begins with a medically supervised detox, where patients are monitored 24-hours per day, and a thorough psychiatric evaluation to uncover the impact any pre-existing mental illnesses may have had on the development of addiction. Using this information, we create a personalized treatment plan for each patient. Our team of addiction care specialists only use recovery strategies that are supported by extensive research to help our patients find their individual paths to lasting sobriety.

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